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Visit our Home page and click on the Buy Now button for any specific show date to purchase advance passes online (via credit card or Paypal account) for that show.


Most of our shows are priced at $15 per person in advance and $18 at the door, but some are priced higher, so check your concert on the Home page before ordering. Children and teens are half-price unless the Home page says “no discounts for youths”.

Advance purchases
New! Table reservations! Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information on our new table reservation program.

Uncle Calvin's is ticketless. We do not print and issue physical tickets for any of our shows.

  • When you purchase a 'ticket' using any of the means listed below, you'll claim your purchase at the will-call desk at the door.
  • Soon after your purchase, you'll get a confirming email from us (in addition to the receipt you get from Paypal), which will let you know if your purchase is among the first group with early-entry privileges.
  • If you are among the early-entry group, be sure to arrive before doors open (usually at 7:30pm) to take advantage of those privileges.
  • At the will-call desk, we'll have a list of all purchasers; give us your name, and we'll check it off our list.
  • For large shows, when the check-in desk is in the lobby, we'll also ink-stamp the hand of each person in your party, to provide a visual confirmation of the purchase.
  • You may reserve and pay for advance passes directly online via any credit card or Paypal account.
  • Simply click on any available Buy Now button next to the show date on either the Home or Upcoming Shows page, and you'll be directed to the Paypal site for processing.
  • You may use an existing Paypal account, if desired, or simply enter your credit card information as requested.
  • Unless otherwise noted, advance passes are available for all shows beginning at midnight exactly 58 days in advance of the show date, but are not available after 2:00 PM on the day of the show.
  • Any remaining passes for the show will go on sale by 7:30pm on show days at the door for the posted door charge, cash or checks; we do not accept credit cards for purchases at the door.
By Mail
  • Send a check made out to Uncle Calvin’s Coffeehouse, 9555 North Central Expressway, Dallas TX 75231.
  • Please include a note telling us which concert the order is for, and include your email address and phone number. We must receive your order in our mailbox by the night of the show.
In Person
  • Come by Uncle Calvin’s on Friday night (when we are open) between 7:30 and 11:00 pm and purchase passes for upcoming shows at the product table.
  • We'll give you a hand-written receipt, followed later by a confirming email (with an indication if you have early-entry privileges).
  • The church cannot accept drop-by ticket orders.
  • New for 2012!  You may now use a credit card for advance ticket purchases at our product table during each show. 
  • If you find that you are not be able to use your passes, let us know before 2pm on show day and we will refund your purchase.
  • Online purchases will be refunded online back to the same credit card or Paypal account.
  • Tickets purchased by check or cash will be refunded by mailing a refund check for the same amount.
  • Advance tickets purchased via credit card at a show will also be refunded by check; please include your mailing address in the refund request.
  • If you cannot attend a show due to illness or other emergency, we will still refund your money even if you can't let us know by 2pm on show day, but please notify us as soon as possible.
Table reservations

We now offer you the option of reserving an entire table for your large group or family. People have been asking for this for a long time, and we're pleased to make it a realty. Here's how it works:

  • We'll have a limited number of tables available each week for group reservations. If you wish to reserve a table, your first step is to send an email to asking to reserve a table, along with the size of your party. We'll let you know if we still have tables available for that week.
  • We have tables which will seat either six people or eight people. You must reserve and pay for an entire table; that is, we will only reserve full tables, not partial tables. If space is available, you may reserve up to two tables on a given week.
  • Immediately after getting the OK from us to reserve the table, your next step is to purchase the tickets. You may purchase your tickets in the usual ways - online, by mail, or in person. You must purchase the exact number of tickets for the chairs available at the tables you've reserved (six or eight). Also in the usual way, you'll get a confirming email from us with your ticket assignments, as well as the receipt from Paypal (for online sales).
  • Only one individual may purchase the tickets for the group. Otherwise, it would simply be too difficult to track who belongs to what table.
  • Refunds are restricted for table purchases. You may not ask for refunds for a portion of the tickets purchased for a table without giving up your table reservation. Any tickets that are part of a table reservation may not be refunded after 2:00PM on the Sunday before the Friday show. This is to help alleviate the impact of a big group dropping out so close to the show.
  • Your table will be reserved in your name when you arrive at the show. You and your party will be let in first, before the early entry group, so that you'll be settled in place before the crowds arrive.

That's it! Enjoy the show. If you have any questions, please email us at the address above.

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