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Dec 58:00PMPeter MayerOpening: Bill Nash$15/
Jan 98:00PMWheatfield$18/
Jan 168:00PMRay Wylie HubbardOpening: Guthrie Kennard$25/
Jan 238:00PMChris RosserJess Klein$15/
Jan 308:00PMAndy Gullahorn & Jill Phillips$15/
Feb 68:00PMSam BakerOpening: Heather Styka$15/
Feb 138:00PMBrother SunOpening: Dan Weber$15/
Feb 278:00PMJosh White Jr.Opening: TBD$15/
Mar 68:00PMSoNIA & disappear fearOpening: TBD$15/
Mar 138:00PMThe Stray BirdsOpening: Ordinary Elephant$15/
Mar 208:00PMEllisAllie Farris$15/
Mar 278:00PMTerri Hendrix with Lloyd MainesOpening: Ashley Monical$15/
Apr 108:00PMTret FureRebecca Folsom$15/
Apr 178:00PMSean WatkinsOpening: Joseph Lemay$18/
May 18:00PMAndrew DelaneyShowcase event$15/
May 88:00PMGrace PettisOpening: TBD$15/
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Quotes about Calvin's
"The intimate setting of Calvin's makes it easy to see and hear musicians....the gold standard of Dallas area coffeehouses, and for that matter, the nation...." --Michael Granberry, DMN
"I'd call Uncle Calvin's the cosmic center of the folk universe in Texas...." --Chuck Pyle
"...a warm spirited place where everybody's kinfolk, and where good music and good company are the ties that bind." --Lynn Adler
"...a house of rhapsody" --Bill Nash
Delay in ticket sales for Jan shows [Posted 10/28/2014]
We're putting in a new website and ticket processing platform after our last show on December 5, so to make the transition easier, we're holding ticket sales for all January shows until Monday, December 8. That way all shows from January and beyond will be handled by the new platform, rather than partly in the old and partly in the new.
We'll have more information about the new ticketing processor, SimpleTix, as the time gets nearer. In addition, we'll be using a merchant services company to handle our credit card payments rather than Paypal. Other than the branding on the screens you see, you shouldn't experience much difference.
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