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  • FEBRUARY 12 2016 FRI 8:00PM $15/$18
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  • Some artists document their lives through their music. Others chronicle their times. It’s a rare artist who can do both, telling their own story through songs that also encapsulate the essence of people and places who have helped define their era overall. Woody Guthrie comes to mind, and so does Bob Dylan. Bruce Springsteen certainly as well. Yet few others, for whatever genius they may possess, can relate their own history to the history experienced by those who find that common bond, be it in a coming of age, living through the same realities or sharing similar experiences. Ellis Paul is one of those gifted singer/songwriters.
  • Jaime Michaels has a brand new album!! This one is an album of cover tunes (Jaime's little tip o' the hat to his all time musical hero, Tom Rush). The album is called "unknown blessings" and features songs written by friends with whom he shares a love for the late night campfires and song circles at the Kerrville Folk Festival.
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  • FEBRUARY 26 2016 FRI 8:00PM $18/$22
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  • After a lifetime of crafting finely-wrought, heart-touching songs, singer-songwriter Pierce Pettis feels that he’s finally found his comfort zone. “The biggest change,” he says of this point in his career “has been getting over myself and realizing this is a job and a craft. And the purpose is not fame and fortune (whatever that is) but simply doing good work.” His songs have been recorded by artists including Susan Ashton, Dar Williams, Garth Brooks and Art Garfunkel. His new album, "That Kind of Love" on Compass Records was released in 2009. Pettis currently lives in Alabama with his wife and their young son.
  • Eric Folkerth is an award winning songwriter who finds songs metaphors in diverse experiences like Dinosaurs, Donut Shops, the birth of his daughter, and the pain of war. His song, "I Will Sing" has won Honorable Mention in the Billboard Songwriter Contest, the Great American Song Contest, and has been part of a United Nations project, called "New Songs for Peace." When not playing music, he serves as the Senior Minister at Northaven United Methodist Church in Dallas.
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  • MARCH 04 2016 FRI 8:00PM $18/$22
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  • Cheryl Wheeler has to be seen to be appreciated. Nothing you read and nothing you hear from her albums prepares you for how good a performer she is. You may not be familiar with Cheryl, but you have probably heard her music. She is very respected as a songwriter by her peers, which can be seen by how many of them record her songs. Cheryl's songs have been covered by artists as diverse as Dan Seals, Peter Paul and Mary, Kenny Loggins, Garth Brooks, Suzy Boggus, Melanie, Bette Midler, Maura O'Connell, Sylvia, Kathy Mattea, and Holly Near. If they think she is great, then you owe it to yourself to learn more if you aren't familiar with her. From her albums you can tell that she is a gifted songwriter with a beautiful voice. From other people's comments about her you can learn that she is a natural story teller with a fantastic sense of humor. But until you see her in person, you never really believe what you've been told about her. Besides, almost half of the songs she does during her shows haven't been recorded! © 1999-2014 William R. Pringle
  • As a child growing up in the tiny town of Niceville, Florida, McKinney transplant and country singer-songwriter Crystal Yates couldn't avoid the twangy sounds of country music even if she had wanted to. "My mom says I could sing 'Why Don't You Love Me' by Hank Williams before I could say my ABCs," explains the powerfully-voiced, dark-haired singer. Although the classic canons of Merle Haggard and George Jones had been memorized in her younger days, it was her first musical purchase of an early Whitney Houston album that laid out the roadmap of classic country storytelling and bold vocals that she's followed ever since.
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Ellis Paul
[Opening] Jaime Michaels
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Feb 26
Pierce Pettis
[Opening] Eric Folkerth
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Mar 04
Cheryl Wheeler
[Opening] Crystal Yates
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Mar 11 2016031120000
Bernice Lewis
[Opening] Noel Tardy
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Brooks Williams
[Opening] Heather Styka
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Apr 08 2016040820000
Bill & Kate Isles
[Opening] Bill Nash
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Apr 15 2016041520000
Kipyn Martin
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Apr 22 2016042220000
Beth Wood
Nathan Brown
[Opening] Janet Feld
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Apr 29 2016042920000
Cosy Sheridan
[Opening] Jaimee Harris
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May 06 2016050620000
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May 13 2016051320000
Albert & Gage
[Opening] Friction Farm
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May 20 2016052020004
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Jun 17 2016061720000
C. Daniel Boling
[Opening] Annalise Emerick
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Jun 24 2016062420000
2 Bit Palomino
[Opening] Rachel Laven
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